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1. What/Who is Tong Tji?

  • Tong Tji was established in 1938 and has been one of the largest tea manufacturer in Indonesia. Tong Tji produces tea with premium quality whilst serving fresh ready-to-drink tea and assorted food and beverage menus through our iced tea counters, tea bars, and tea houses in various major cities in Indonesia.

2. What is Tong Tji’s distinctive feature compared with tea products from other companies?

  • Tong Tji tea used only the best leaves to produce premium quality product for the best tea lovers. Our signature product, jasmine tea, only uses real jasmine and free of artificial flavoring or preservatives.

3. What are the featured products of Tong Tji?

  • Tong Tji has a wide variety of tea products for our tea lover consumers. Tong Tji Jasmine tea bag with distinctive aroma from real jasmine is our loyal customers’ favorite product. For tea lovers who seek for the best quality and the most delicious flavor, Tong Tji’s Imperial Jasmine Tea is available.

4. Where can I buy Tong Tji products?

  • Currently Tong Tji has been available in most major cities in Indonesia. The best tea products of Tong Tji can be found in most minimarket to hypermarket in Indonesia. You could also buy your favorite Tong Tji products from our Iced Tea counters, Tong Tji tea bars, and tea houses. For large quantity purchase you could contact us through the form in this page.

5. Can I have franchises for Tong Tji Iced Tea counters, tea bars, or tea houses?

  • Due to our concern for the quality standards of our product, we do not provide partnership in form of franchise. If you are interested for information related to sponsorship, other form of partnership, or event support please send us a message through the form in this page.

6. What are the top favorite menus in Tong Tji Tea Bars and Tea Houses?

  • Tong Tji Tea House and Tea Bar are well-known with its signature tea beverage like the refreshing Honey Lemon Tea, warm and soothing Teh Uwuh, and the combination of freshness and healthiness from Green Tea Lychee along with other Tong Tji exclusive beverages. In addition, Tong Tji Tea House also presents special menus from various places in Indonesia Archipelago like Mendoan (deep friend soybean cake), Tahu Kemul (crunchy fried tofu), Tahu Telur khas Kudus (tofu omelet ala Kudus), Rawon khas Semarang (black sauce soup ala Semarang), Tong Tji Special Fried Rice, and Nasi Gila (Crazy Rice) which made especially for those who dare to face spicy meal challenge.

7. Is there any career path for Tong Tji employee?

  • Yes. Tong Tji offers an opportunity to climb their career path in Tong Tji for those who are responsible, ready to evolve, and daring to face challenges. Further information can be found at Career page.

8. What are the needed criteria to apply in Tong Tji?

  • You could send your CV and application letter. Further information can be found at Career page.