Company History

Tong Tji was established in 1938 by its first generation, Mr. Tan See Giam. He created traditional recipe of tea blending by using a charcoal stove and bamboo pot. Begins from that traditional and humble household industry, Tong Tji aimed to become a global brand in tea industry with the best quality for our consumers.

At the beginning of 1990, Tong Tji published its first product of jasmine tea bag. Now, it has been the leader in jasmine tea commodity for lots of traditional and modern markets in Indonesia.

The current management is led by Mr. Tatang Budiono, the third generation proprietor, who has taken this historic company from its conventional methods of producing tea to incorporate modern technology in manufacturing process. Presently, Tong Tji is a well-established brand with loyal customer repeat-purchasing its products.

Brand Values

Our purpose is to bring Tong Tji Tea Product to our consumer’s daily lifestyle at home, hotel-restaurant-café, office, and at public places in Indonesia. The quality of our product has always been our top priority because we believe our customers deserve to get the best.

We hope that our loyal customers will be able to distinguish Tong Tji from other brands by the distinctive taste and color. Therefore, we promise to dedicate ourselves in producing the best product for all tea lovers in accordance to our motto: “Teh Paling Nikmat. TITIK!!” (The best tea, ever!!”)

Our Clients & Partners

Tea has been long known as a staple drink for the Indonesian people. Many tea brands have emerged over the past few decades, and due to its competitive nature, many have consequently submerged from the market. Tong Tji is not only known as one of the longest standing survivors, but also for its products that experience stable growth in national distribution.

Apart from its own distribution network, Tong Tji has built strategic liaisons with local distributors and modern supermarket channels such as Carrefour, Hypermart – Matahari Group, Giant – Hero Group, Indomaret, Alfamart, and many others. Tong Tji also earned the honor to be Garuda Indonesia’s official tea. Tong Tji seeks to continue its distribution channels expansion to ensure that Tong Tji products is easily accessible for all customers.


Since its origin from a small household industry, Tong Tji’s presence has grown through consistent brand promotion, direct selling, and numbers of tea counters, tea bars, and tea houses at targeted market areas. Tong Tji is now among the top well-known national brands in Indonesia.

Tong Tji proudly received esteemed brand recognition e.g. Superbrands Award in 2010-2011. The awards are determined by results of a Nielsen’s consumer research conducted in August 2010 for Indonesia’s most prominent, favorite, and top-of-the-range brands for the tea product category. Tong Tji also received the Satria Brand Awards as Central Java’s most prominent, favorite, and top-of-the-range brands for the tea product category. Tong Tji also awarded as Gold Champion of Indonesia WOW Brand 2014 in Tea Bag category by MarkPlus.Inc.

These awards along with many other accomplishment prove Tong Tji as one of the best tea manufacturer in Indonesia. Our customer’s acknowledgment and loyalty authenticate our consistency in producing tea with the best quality. These achievements serve as milestones for Tong Tji’s further development.