Company History

The company was founded in 1938 by Tan See Giam. He created a traditional recipe of tea blending using traditional appliances such as charcoal stoves and cooking pots. Starting just from a humble household industry, the company has now become one of the largest tea manufacturers in Indonesia.

The current management is led by Tatang Budiono, the third generation proprietor, and has taken the historic company from its primitive methods of producing tea. The company now incorporates modern technology in the manufacturing process and is not open for franchise business. Tong Tji brand is currently a well established brand with many loyal customers repeat-purchasing its products.

In the early 1990s Tong Tji developed its first tea bag product, Tong Tji Celup Jasmine, which has now become the leader in its category in many modern market stores all over the country.


Brand Values

Tong Tji believes that its customers deserve the best. Quality has become their absolute business quality. Tong Tji’s brand value is to offer the freshest and tastiest tea products that are affordable to the everyday Indonesians. Its loyal customers are familiar with the unique and distinctive taste of Tong Tji products, to the point where they can identify Tong Tji from other tea brands with their eyes blindfolded.

This is in accordance with Tong Tji’s marketing tagline: “Teh paling nikmat…TITIK” (literally translated as: “…The most delicious tea ever…). Tong Tji has dedicated time and resources to create the best tea blend possible for jasmine tea lovers.


The Market

Tea has been long known as a staple drink for the Indonesian people. Many tea brands have emerged over the past few decades, and due to its competitive nature, many have consequently submerged from the market. Tong Tji is not only known as one of the longest standing survivors, but for its products that experience stable growth in national distribution.

Apart from its own distribution network, Tong Tji has built strategic liaisons with local distributors and modern supermarket channels such as Carrefour, Hypermarket – Matahari Group, Giant – Hero Group, Indomaret, Alfamart and many others. Tong Tji has spread the distribution channels to the reach from the lowest level of outlet to ensure that Tong Tji is easily accessible for all customers.

Tong Tji has specialized in Jasmine Tea with its signature product TONG TJI PREMIUM. The Jasmine Tea market is well segmented with brand loyalty as the ultimate competitive advantage. Currently, Tong Tji is well known and the staple first choice amongst Jasmine Tea drinkers.  Tong Tji has set a higher price compared to their competitors, which is necessary to afford to maintain the product’s quality, so that the product is of the finest superiority.



Since its origins from a small household industry, Tong Tji’s presence has grown steadily through consistent brand promotion, direct selling and tea counters at targeted market areas. Tong Tji is now a brand that is known and familiar to the consumers. Being a top range brand in Indonesia.

Tong Tji is proud to receive esteemed brand recognition in the form of the Superbrands Award in 2010-2011. The awards are determined by results of a Nielsen’s consumers research conducted in August 2010 for Indonesia’s most prominent, favourite, and top-of-the-range brands for the tea product category.

“Tong Tji is also proud to receive esteemed brand recognition in the form of the Satria Brand Awards. The awards are determined by results of a Indoresearch conducted in Mei 2012 for Central Java’s most prominent, favourite, and top-of-the-range brands for the tea product category.”

"We are dedicated to produce only the freshest and the best quality tea leaves for you."

Tea Philosophy


I am in no way interested in immortality, but only in the taste of tea.

Lu Tung